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July 22, 2016


American Security, Securonet offer new options for small, mid-sized firms

St. Paul, MN, October 1, 2015– Marsden Holding, LLC announced the acquisition of Minneapolis-based Heartland Investigative Group. With 100 client locations in eight states, Aztec will seamlessly integrate with Marsden’s national footprint. Hundreds of banks, law firms, and corporate clients are serviced by Heartland’s 100 employees.ST. PAUL—American Security & Investigations, a leading security firm providing consulting, protection services and investigations nationwide, today announced that it has added new remote protection services for clients through a partnership with Securonet, a leading provider of technology solutions to the security industry.

The agreement enhances American Security’s methodology to provide holistic and proactive security programs with camera-monitoring and technology solutions offered by Securonet and linked to American Security’s 24-hour Security Operations Center. The new partnership offers benefits including:

  • The ability through sophisticated live video monitoring to patrol remote and large locations, which previously provided clients with challenges.
  • Real-time support and enhancement of security officers’ monitoring efforts from the central Security Operations Center, directed by experts trained in the proactive strategies and protection techniques of American Security.
  • Quick emergency management support from police, firefighters, ambulance services and other first responders that can be contacted quickly by the Security Operations Center and, in some programs already are connected to the center.

“We serve in a world in which ensuring security and being creative in deploying security strategies has become a critical aspect of business success,” said American Security President and COO Steven Klein. “This new partnership enhances our ability to easily monitor client assets in times of crisis and, should the need arise, easily bring public safety partners into the picture.”

Some clients that would benefit from the services offered under the new partnership include:

  • Small and mid-sized businesses and organizations that previously were not able to hire security guards because the size or scope of their operations made it too costly.
  • Businesses and organizations of all sizes that have large or extensive portfolios, equipment and other interests that made providing security only through guards or less-sophisticated technology impractical.
  • Firms and organizations that have wanted to collaborate with other nearby interests for shared security solutions but did not have good options for centralized third-party monitoring connected to emergency first responders.

“We’re excited to partner with American Security and offer these new services,” said Matt Hanley, CEO of Minneapolis-based Securonet. “The combination of Securonet’s technology with American Security’s deep industry roots is a game-changer. The net effect of this partnership is a greatly enhanced, efficient and effective American Security technology solution, offered at a lower cost to clients.”

Klein said the new services provided through the partnership fit with American Security’s proactive approach to protecting its clients, including businesses, school buildings, educational and corporate campuses, job sites and commercial operations. American Security performs guard services, threat assessments, scenario planning and crisis response preparation, as well as conducts mobile patrols and alarm response. The company, which has corporate headquarters in St. Paul, has grown into one of the largest independently owned, full-service security agencies in the country.

Marsden Holding, LLC is a privately held provider of integrated facility management services. Headquartered in St. Paul, MN since 1952, the firm employs over 10,000 employees throughout the United States.

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