ASITRAC® Electronic Monitoring and Reporting Software

Our ASITRAC® electronic monitoring software provides guard tracking and incident reporting and the ability to respond quickly to urgent situations.  ASITRAC offers complete, real-time transparency into the location, movements, and activities of each security officer. ASITRAC makes it possible for us to:

Proactive, On-Demand Risk Assessment Tool & Tracker

ASI is leading the security services industry by placing the task of managing facility risk into our hands and as a part of our deliverables to all clients. During the onboarding process, our managers gather appropriate intelligence data throughout your facility and place it into our risk analysis software to establish a baseline security ‘score,’ or calculated risk profile, which we use moving forward to measure moves, adds or changes to your facility overtime.

Our tool can help with planning and decisions relating to budget, measuring how the risk and security posture of the facility might change (good or bad) with each decision or facilities implementation, instituted.

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