Customized Security Programs

Marsden Services is a full spectrum facility services provider, offering janitorial, security, building maintenance, and specialty property services throughout the United States.American Security and Investigations (ASI) has been specializing in security programming for over 45 years. Our customized security solutions are multifaceted to respond to each individual clients’ needs. We combine the experience of skilled and industry-specific trained security officers with the innovation of industry-leading technology solutions. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Marsden Services, ASI leverages the strength and resources of Marsden’s national presence. The result is a comprehensive Safety & Security Program that is managed and led by local stakeholders.

One of the most important aspects of building operations is maintaining a safe and secure environment for employees, tenants and guests. Securing a facility is a complex task that involves more than simply responding to threats.

Our customized program design process includes:

ASI Awarded Inclusion onto Federal GSA Supply Schedules

American Security & Investigations (ASI) has recently been awarded inclusion onto the Federal Government’s GSA Schedules Program. Providing security services through the GSA Schedule not only enhances ASI’s offerings, it benefits all of our customers through an increased number of highly trained Security Officers readily available, across greater regions and territories served.

ASI Has Launched a New Brand Identity

American Security and Investigations (ASI) is launching a new corporate image on May 1, 2021. ASI has carried the current corporate image since our inception in 1976 and we believe this updated branding better represents who we have become as an organization. Since our origins as a Minnesota patrol company, we have become one of the largest integrated security providers in the United States, combining traditional guarding services with advanced technologies to create customizable solutions for any facility infrastructure. As we set out on this brand journey, we wanted to create a new look that would positively reflect on our history and position us for the future. We want our corporate image to visibly and proudly identify ASI for who we are today: a modern, professional, strategic thought leader in our industry.

Parking Security Solutions

Remote Guarding Technology

Protect Your Building With Rapid Deployment Security Cameras

Be Fully Secure With Autonomous Surveillance Systems

Thermal Scanning

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