ASI integrates technology throughout our programming to drive greater efficiency and superior results for our customers.

Our offerings encompass a broad range of technology solutions to include safety systems, monitoring, scheduling, reporting, compliance and project management applications. We also offer highly customized virtual patrol and remote guarding solutions capable of incorporating artificial intelligence. As subject matter experts in security technology, ASI continually evaluates the latest advancements to support and enhance our offerings. From risk analysis facility scoring and computer-aided dispatch systems to remote security operation centers and robotics and drone technology, we integrate the right technology with our highly trained security officers to provide better protection, faster response times, and a lower overall cost of delivery.

ASI designs custom surveillance and response security solutions to augment onsite security officers. Our command center specialists can remotely monitor a video feed using an internet connection to virtually patrol your facilities and coordinate a response with ASI onsite team members. If necessary, they can directly communicate with other first responders and client stakeholders.

We can integrate with analog (CCTV) or digital video cameras from any manufacturer. We can convert analog to digital signals for transmission and storage.

Peace of Mind: Safety System Monitoring Services

A vital part of keeping your buildings safe and secure includes routine monitoring of your safety systems. Though cameras, sound systems, panic buttons, and lighting, our Peace of Mind Services program establishes a schedule to monitor, confirm operation, and report issues with all of your buildings essential safety systems.

Here are some of the systems we cover with our Peace of Mind Services:

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