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July 1, 2016


Partnership with Chameleon Associates offers latest prevention skills

ST. PAUL—American Security & Investigations, a leading security firm providing consulting, protection services and investigations nationwide, today announced that it has enhanced its proactive threat assessment services for clients through a training partnership with Chameleon Associates, an international expert in the field.

“As we look at the world today, the ability to identify and interrupt threats before they develop into security incidents is one of the most important services our clients need,” said Steven Klein, American Security’s President & COO. “Our new relationship with Chameleon Associates allows us to take our security expertise and services to a new level. We are excited to build on our proactive threat identification experience and are dedicated to responding to our clients’ growing needs to secure their people, property and operations.”

Chameleon Associates, based in Woodland Hills, CA, has offices in Amsterdam, Sydney and Singapore. It conducts security training and consultation has operations around the world. The company has developed proprietary security methods based, in part, on highly successful security protocols used in Israel. Its proactive security measures focus on understanding the thinking of those who would pose threats, identifying behaviors that indicate imminent threats and taking action to stop threats before they become problems.

“Unfortunately, you only have to look at the headlines and the evening news to understand that these threats are present and escalating,” said Anna Polishuk, Chameleon Associates’ Marketing Manager. “Our security mission is threat-oriented, not risk oriented, and requires looking at security from the point of view of the adversary. We ask, ‘What are the logical threats to a location? What are the suspicion indicators associated with those threats?’ These indicators are exactly what security officers need to look for to prevent a situation from evolving into a violent or criminal event.”

Other aspects of the protocol teach security personnel to ask the right questions to surface potential threats.

“The adversary can’t anticipate the questions you are going to ask,” Polishuk said. “If you ask the right questions, you often can identify very quickly whether that person presents a threat. Often, it can be done with only a few questions.”

Klein said the approach fits with American Security’s proactive approach to protecting its clients, including businesses, school buildings, educational and corporate campuses, job sites and commercial operations. The firm performs guard services, threat assessments, scenario planning and crisis response preparation, as well as conducts mobile patrols and alarm response. American Security, which has corporate headquarters in St. Paul, has grown into one of the largest independently owned, full-service security agencies in the country.

“We’re honored to be working with Chameleon Associates, the worldwide leader in this field,” Klein said. “Our abilities have just reached a new level. This will keep our security personnel ahead of the threats facing our clients.”

At a time of increased security concerns around the world, American Security is taking the proper approach by focusing on proactive threat assessment and by enhancing the skills of its people, Polishuk said.

“With this training, we have seen security personnel rise to the occasion and stop threats in their tracks,” she said. “But they need to have the proper training. It has never been more important to have proactive, effective, skilled security officers in place.”

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